Integrated Security Service

Integrated Security

We are in restaurants, shopping malls and large-scale venues in our daily lives or on special occasions. The security of these places is ensured in detail. This security is coordinated with comprehensive planning, many devices and competent security officers. Integrated Security Service, It detects the security vulnerabilities of the places we are located and offers a special security plan for the business.

What is Integrated Security Service?

It is a security service that includes state-of-the-art camera and alarm systems, trained personnel and identification devices. This security service ensures detailed security of the business. It helps to ensure that occupational safety, information security and environmental security are carried out in a planned and programmed manner.

It facilitates the protection of the business by minimizing the security margin of error of the business. With Delta VIP Private Security, we serve you by creating a security plan suitable for your business.
Integrated Security Service

How Should Integrated Security Service Be Provided?

The private security company to which the business is affiliated fully meets many security needs with a single contract, taking into account the location of the business. Private security personnel who are trained and work in a planned manner with technology should be placed indoors and outdoors. The necessary security plans should be explained to the personnel. Because personnel who are not informed about these plans negatively affect this security. Afterwards, camera systems should be placed in the places where the service will be provided. When placing these camera systems, blind spots should be the priority. A security plan should be made so that there are no blind spots in the location of the business. In this way, it ensures the protection of areas that our security personnel cannot detect in case of any danger.

For the safety of employees, guests and employers who come to the business, the identity of the people coming to the business is determined. Integrated Security Service in the security plan Our security personnel have the right to make identification. Hand luggage passes through X-RAY devices. Our security personnel provide rapid response in case of any danger.

In addition, alarm systems are installed at certain points to ensure the safety of the business in case of fire. In this way, it activates at the slightest risk of fire and allows guests and employees to exit quickly. Apart from this, there are signs indicating fire exits.

What we explained above were the security measures taken for rapid response to any danger that appeared in internal and external locations. Apart from this, our Private Security Company monitors the business remotely against any possible danger. In case of any danger, our personnel intervenes by contacting our field personnel.

The last step in this security planning is the daily reports. In daily reports, systemic problems are identified and evaluated in a solution-oriented manner. Security planning is changed or corrected in accordance with this solution. This security plan provided must work completely and in a coordinated manner. With any opening, the security service will have problems.

As Delta VIP Private Security, it belongs to your business Integrated Security Service We make special security planning with. We provide service with our trained security personnel and technologically compatible devices. To get detailed information, you can contact us at our phone number and e-mail address on our WEBSITE.