School Safety

School Safety

It is a concept that aims to ensure that students, teachers, staff and visitors are physically and emotionally safe in the school environment. school security, is achieved through a variety of measures, policies and procedures.

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School Safety Measures

School SafetyHaving security guards or staff is important to control entrances and prevent possible security breaches. Installing security cameras in various areas of the school and ensuring that these cameras are checked regularly helps keep track of events. Adding security measures such as access cards or ID readers at entrances can prevent unauthorized people from entering the school.

Emergency plans should be in place for the safety of students and staff. One must be prepared for emergencies such as fire, earthquake, attack. Students and staff should be trained in safety. These trainings can also be used to improve skills in dealing with emergency situations. Providing psychological support services at school is important to ensure students' emotional safety. In cases of bullying or violence, intervention must be made.

Students should be made aware of the safe use of the internet and social media. The school should develop measures in cooperation with the local police department or other relevant organizations. Staff should strengthen communication between students and parents. It is important to share security-related information and updates. Procedures should be established to quickly inform and report any suspicious behavior or threats. school securityIt is an issue that requires continuous effort and involves cooperation between school administrators, staff, students and parents. These measures are essential steps to improve the safety of the school and ensure that students grow in a healthy educational environment.

Things Done to Ensure Security

School SafetySchool Safety Providing students with a higher quality education enables them to receive a higher quality education. Risk analyzes are carried out in the school building, and the necessary equipment and security personnel are arranged. Garden walls are surrounded by wire fences. The main entrance is created and signs are placed. In any case, access of ambulances and fire trucks must be ensured. A record of people coming to school is kept and a visitor room is made for these people. Incoming deliveries; It is checked by security personnel, the sender company name, date and the person making the delivery are checked. Cameras should be installed at every point and monitored 24/7. There should be no blind spots that the camera cannot see.

Fire exits must be available for disasters such as fire and earthquake. Drills should be conducted with students, teachers and other personnel on what to do during a disaster. There should be fire extinguishing systems, emergency exit signs and alarms in the school. Entry and exit doors should be constantly checked. Foreign persons should be prevented from entering the building. Foreign vehicles should not be allowed in the parking lot. Deltavip security provides you with security services in every area you need.