Special Security Duties

Special Security Duties

The protection provided by organizations providing security services is carried out by people assigned for security and control services. Some special security duties are:

Building security: They ensure the safety of people inside the building, especially by being located at the entrances of commercial or public buildings. This role includes a range of activities, such as checking the identities of visitors and employees, ensuring security, and protecting against theft, vandalism, or other malicious behavior.

Event security: They ensure the safety of people by providing security at public events such as mass events and concerts. This includes activities such as searching people at the entrance, walking around the area to identify security vulnerabilities, and being on standby for emergencies.

Transportation security: By ensuring the security of transportation vehicles, they prevent materials from being stolen or damaged. This duty includes activities such as ensuring transportation vehicles remain safe while in motion, ensuring cargo is protected, and preventing other hazards.

Special Security Duties

Special Security Missions VIP Protection

They especially ensure the protection of important people such as businessmen, senior executives or political leaders. This duty includes activities such as ensuring the safety of VIPs, planning their travel, taking action in case of any threat or danger, and managing other security activities. They may be assigned to conduct special investigations, investigating theft, fraud or other crimes in businesses. Special security dutiesThis includes activities such as collecting evidence, tracking suspicious persons, cooperating with other security officials or law enforcement, and helping identify perpetrators of crimes. Responsible for alarm system management. This task includes activities such as installing and maintaining alarm systems, ensuring that the systems are activated in case of emergency, and solving problems in cases of false alarms.

Security Consultancy

They may be assigned to identify security vulnerabilities and offer solutions. This role includes activities such as conducting risk assessments, developing security protocols, conducting staff training, and providing other security consulting services. Emergency response may be assigned to respond to fires, natural disasters, terrorist attacks or other emergencies. This duty includes activities such as evacuating people in emergency situations, coordinating with fire departments or other rescue teams, detecting casualties, and helping to control the emergency. In summary, they are deployed in a variety of locations and for different purposes and cover a wide range of activities. Special security dutiesIt serves different purposes such as ensuring the safety of people, ensuring the safety of materials, investigating crimes, and responding to emergencies.