Temporary Event and Organization Security

Temporary Event and Organization Security

We participate in many organizations and temporary events around the world and within our country. We interact with millions of people. However, having the security situation at the highest level in such places will provide more peaceful and healthy moments for all of us. Temporary Event and Organization Security As Delta VIP Private Security, we provide services for you to have more efficient, quality moments and peaceful time with your family.

Temporary Event and Organization SecurityTemporary Event and Organization Security Services

Many precautions must be taken to ensure the highest level of safety for people participating in temporary organizations or events. While these precautions are being taken, each point of the area where the organization will be held is planned and a report is kept to ensure that tighter security measures are taken in areas with security vulnerabilities. In line with the report, all equipment and the number of people required for that area are determined.

We serve you with our professional, fully trained, armed or unarmed security personnel who are equipped with a wide range of equipment, and our security equipment that is compatible with the latest technology and has been periodically maintained. Our security personnel, Temporary Event and Organization Security They patrol the area where the event will be held in a planned manner. We have security cameras in areas where we do not have security personnel, which are considered blind spots.

Our guests who arrive close to the event start time are told to have their tickets checked, put their bags into the X-RAY device and pass through the sensitive door. Persons who do not comply with this are asked to meet with authorized personnel. In case of a dangerous substance in the bag, the substance in the person's bag is confiscated, and if the person is forced, it is removed from the event area. In addition, our security guards have the authority to look at the ID card in case of any possible situation.

Places We Serve

  • Conference, talks and seminar organizations
  • Concert organizations
  • sports organizations
  • Fair organizations
  • Special and normal invitation organizations
  • Museum, art gallery etc. organizations

Above with Delta VIP Private Security Temporary Event and Organization Security We have listed some of the places we serve within the scope of our services. With Delta VIP, we provide you with a higher quality service with our security personnel and security equipment so that you can spend time with your family, loved ones and yourself in safer conditions. To get more detailed information about us, you can read my blog posts on our website and contact us through our communication channels.