What are Close Protection Services?

What are Close Protection Services?

People who are responsible for making the daily life of individuals or institutions safer are called close protection. Due to the work the person does or for a special occasion close protection services can take. The company we agree to receive service from is very important.

Close protection officers are generally specially trained professionals and have special skills when performing this duty, such as communication skills, defense skills, crisis management and the ability to recognize situations that threaten personal security. Officers are responsible for protecting the protected person against physical attacks, kidnapping attempts, dangerous persons and other dangers.

What are Close Protection Services?

What are Close Protection Services?Close protection servicesis directed to a specific person or persons. These individuals can often be public figures, business leaders, celebrities, politicians, judges, wealthy businessmen or other high-profile individuals. At the beginning of the services, a detailed assessment of the person's security needs and potential threats is made. This assessment helps identify a person's security risks and plan appropriate protection strategies. Close protection professionals work to ensure the physical safety of the person. This may include duties such as attending to the person, defending against potential danger, and responding to incidents. It carefully monitors the environment around the person and maintains constant surveillance to detect potential threats. This is important to make sure the person is safe.

It meets the person's communication needs and can quickly call for help in emergency situations. They also communicate with the person to ensure safety. The individual's vehicles and accommodations are also kept safe. It is important for defense against potential dangers and for a person to travel safely. The close protection team develops strategies to ensure the safety of the person and minimize risks. This may include route changes or other measures where necessary to ensure the person's safety. Close protection professionals usually have special security training and have skills such as physical defense, crisis management and communication. Close protection services, can be customized to individuals' specific security needs and each situation may be different. Therefore, it is always designed and implemented in accordance with the person's specific needs and potential threats.

What are the characteristics of a close protection officer?

What are Close Protection Services?Must have successfully completed their training. It must have the necessary physical properties. Must be trained in close martial arts. Must have a license to use and carry weapons. Must be able to protect the confidentiality of business and private life. Must have advanced driving training and a driving license. Must be able to use computers and have knowledge about technology. Must have knowledge of at least one foreign language. Must be able to make quick decisions and be cool-headed in emergency situations. Must be in contact with law enforcement forces and be able to work in coordination. One must think about every situation and take precautions.

Close Protection Services Our security personnel who work in the services we provide in the field consist of experienced people who have the characteristics we have mentioned. In the services we provide in other areas; We also do successful work in areas such as school security, shopping mall security, factory security, site and residence security, hospital security, organization security. The work we do in this field is available on our blog page. To get more information about our Deltavip security services and to benefit from the services, you can easily contact our contact number and e-mail address on our website.