What is Facility Security?

What is Facility Security?

The location of factories is very critical in terms of industrialization and production. Health of employees and integrity of equipment used facility security It is provided with . Thus, there will be no decrease in performance and production speed due to the security vulnerability. In general, it is effective in maintaining the targeted production capacity. Risks that may occur for the continuity of production are analyzed and precautions are taken. Patrol teams also go around the facility and intervene in suspicious situations.

What is Facility Security?

As Delta VIP Private Security, we provide services to institutions operating in various sectors. Factory entrance and exit are monitored thanks to alarm and imaging systems. With our advanced equipment and expert units factory security We provide the service. Experienced and specially trained teams are actively involved.

Facility Security Services

After extensive field work, threatening points are determined. It is aimed to ensure that employees, employers and products of commercial value are safe. At the same time, we act according to the wishes of our customers and the requirements of the area in which they operate.


Preventing factors targeting communities is extremely important for the safety of life and property. The negative effects of events such as earthquakes, fire and mugging are taken under control. In this way, the security of the production area and facilities served is ensured to a high degree.

New generation systems, especially hand and door detectors, are included. We ensure the safety of the area in question, regardless of day or night. The safety of both employees and employers is very important to us.

Our teams, consisting of individuals who are competent in their fields and have strong communication skills, take active roles. We offer a high level of quality service with cameras, alarms, detectors, x-ray devices and other technological equipment that are complementary to the security system. Delta VIP Security apart from factory and facility security; It provides services to individuals and institutions in many areas such as hospital security, school security, shopping center security, site and residence security, business center and plaza security, hotel security, airport security, close protection.

As Delta VIP Security facility security You can contact us if you have any questions about our services.