Hotel Security Services

Hotel Security

Hotels; It is a center where fairs, business meetings, conferences and activities during holiday periods are held. It is aimed to ensure people's safety and to have a peaceful time. Hotel Security Within the scope of its services, the health of guests and employees is given priority.

Security systems play a very critical role in daily life. Facilities referred to as hotels or holiday villages are areas visited by many visitors from time to time. It has a very important position among tourism and service branches. Thanks to private security units, it is aimed for individuals to spend quality time.

Hotel Security Services

What are Hotel Security Duties?

Deltavip Security Security strategies are determined by people with security and close protection expertise. In this way, the factors that constitute a threat are determined in detail. The entrances and exits of the building are monitored uninterruptedly by the hotel security guard. In this way, events that may be caused by external factors can be prevented.

Care is taken to create a safe and peaceful environment for people who spend time at the hotel. It is also an area used for important meetings and events. At the same time, we ensure that families have a pleasant time with their children during the holiday periods. Necessary precautions are taken in line with the demands of the hotel management and risk factors.

By placing advanced cameras, alarms and other electronic systems at certain points, it is aimed for individuals to feel safe in their homes. Guests entering the hotel pass through the sensitive door and their personal belongings are passed through an x-ray device. The license plate number of the vehicles entering the hotel car park is recorded and the luggage is checked. In case of a possible fire, earthquake or natural disaster, necessary precautions are taken for rapid evacuation.

Our security personnel are experienced people who have successfully completed their training. The cameras, alarms, x-ray devices and other technological equipment we use are new technology products. Our security personnel are people who can use this technology.

hotel securityWe provide many services in the fields of school security, shopping mall security, factory security, site and residence security, hospital security and organization security. You can visit our website blog to have information about the services we provide in other areas.

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